pag1As an Information Technology company, and a provider of media services, we seek a variety of business relationships with entrepreneurial interests though a broad spectrum of the business sector. We have diverse international business interests, and operate with a team that applies refreshing management philosophies and strategies to its handling of global business activities.
FBC Business provides a first class service to its clients, associates and partners throughout the world. We understand the personal and professional significance of the business decisions our clients and partners make. That’s why we provide bespoke, personal support at every stage – with a commitment to efficiency and clarity.
Information Technology, Website design, Web hosting and Domain names, web application development, mobile app development and hosting, Internet Media and music related activities, are just a few of the areas in which this Company has an active involvement.

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fbc computers

Computer Repair, Maintenance, and Network setup.

internet media

Internet Broadcasts and Streaming Media.


Web Development, Web and Graphic Design.


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