Media Advertising

FBC MediaTel advertising service provides Internet audio, video and display advertising solutions to content owners, businesses, web designers, developers and agencies. Our service provides advertisers an easy way to buy audience impressions.


Internet TV

The FBC MediaTel video streaming service is one of the simplest and affordable streaming video services on the web. Our solutions are flexible and are designed to accommodate most video content owners, web designers and developers, or companies in most sectors of industry.


Internet Radio

We provide Internet Broadcasting services for internet radio stations, individuals and businesses wanting affordable and reliable Internet streaming services. When it comes to setting up and running your own station, everything is as easy to use as never before.


FBCMediaTel is a wholly owned division of One of the functions of this division is to provide a professional, reliable and easy to access media service. This service is targeted towards individuals and corporate business users offering them full turnkey solutions. The provisioning of hardware, software, tech support and installation, makes this service a one stop solution.

Features & Promotions